Class Roadmap

We will be building out our game engine piece by piece. Since the goal is that by the end of the class you will have a fully-functional game engine, each Unit will have a project/homework that will eventually culminate into your final project.

The engine I built for this class was initially inspired by the Quintus HTML5 game engine. I have changed it substantially, mostly to fit my more academic purpose with the classes I teach. Once you finish this class you can continue to build on the engine you've built here, try picking up Quintus and participating in its community, or use any other popular HTML5 game engine such as Impact.js or Crafty.js. The idea here is that you learn the patterns and techniques to hit the ground running on any game engine for any platform.

While I have taught this subject in real-life, this is my first time teaching anything online. Please share your questions as you go, especially letting me know which areas you get confused in. I will do my best to help you as well as adjust the curriculum for future students. Once you've finished the class I would love to hear your feedback on it's structure or flow.

Unit breakdown