High Concept

Trampoline Tommy is a Doodle Jump clone.

The aim is to guide a Tommy up a never-ending series of platforms without falling. Move Tommy left and right as he bounces on trampolines and goes further and further into the sky. Hitting a monster or falling will end the game. The higher you reach the higher your score, which is save in an online leaderboards.

Concept Images

Key features

  • Player interactions with the world
    • Simple controls, just move left and right and always aim to land on a trampoline
    • Landing on a trampoline bounces the player further up.
    • Collect items that increase your score
    • Collide with enemies will restart the game
  • Online systems
    • Score-based online leaderboard
    • In-game achievements


  • Moving through the bottom of a platform and colliding with it on the top
  • Randomly generating level content for endless play
  • Very simple UI

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