High Concept

Turnip Toss is an Angry Birds Clone.

A physics-based castle demolition game where the player uses a slingshot to launch turnips at targets stationed on or within various structures, with the intent of destroying all the targets on the playing field. Structures are built out of blocks that have various physical properties (wood, metal). Different sizes of turnips can be thrown at different distances.

Concept Images

Key features

  • Player interactions with the world
    • Player moves grid-to-grid
    • Push boulders to block enemy paths
    • Collect items (keys, gems)
    • Hit switches that open
  • Online systems
    • Score-based online leaderboard
    • In-game achievements
    • In-game level editor, submit new levels to a server
    • Download new user-made levels


  • Physics driven gameplay will require lots of tuning/number balancing

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