High Concept

Temple Trouble is a Paganitzu clone.

Played in a top-down view on a 2D grid, players control an adventurer exploring an ancient ruin. The object of the game is to move room to room, collecting all the keys in a room to unlock the exit while trying not to get killed by monsters and traps. Puzzles involve pushing blocks, triggering switches, collecting items, directing enemy movements and water flow, destroying enemies, and timing your movements to enemies and traps.

Concept Images

Key features

  • Player interactions with the world
    • Player moves grid-to-grid
    • Push boulders to block enemy paths
    • Collect items (keys, gems)
    • Hit switches that open
  • Online systems
    • Score-based online leaderboard
    • In-game achievements
    • In-game level editor, submit new levels to a server
    • Download new user-made levels


  • Using real-time physics system for grid based gameplay
  • Enemies behaviors
  • Online systems for sharing content

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