Engine Recap

Course Schedule Update


Long term Engine goals


  • Performance issues? Memory issues?
  • Really dig down, don't assume anything

Debug systems

  • Personal favorite: a run-time variable watch (should be easy in HTML5/JS)
  • Debug camera
  • Invincibility mode and other cheats


  • can you solve the problem a different way
  • can you do any preprocessing (building more sprite sheets, minifying your code)
  • are you using an API wrong
  • are you be more efficient (level of detail, trivial rejections)
  • HTML5 specific ways?

Advanced Gameplay

Check out this list of Various tutorials on a number of gamedev topics

There are endless ways for us to extend our engine to support our gameplay needs. Don't engineer for the sake of engineering, as much fun as that can be :)

This is a general purpose lecture, with nothing that you are ever required to do but is helpful to be aware of


Particle Systems

Other Special Effects

Game Math



  • Many different interpolation methods: Quadratic, BeziĆ©r, de Castlejau are popular ones
  • Usually works off a set of control points
  • Spline interpolation - smooth polynomial function defiend piecewise. Simple construction, accurate and easy to evaluate.
  • Used for anything! Object movement along a path, interpolating between animation frames, 2D and 3D surfaces
  • Example javascript bezier curve and quadratic curve rendering (not that useful for gameplay though)

Game Objects



Advanced Physics in Gameplay

2D Tilemap

Networking Roadmap

Networking Overview

What the lectures will be going covering after our Engine Proof presentations